MSE Walls Design Years of experience

MSE Walls Design

ABI has provided design for over 1,000 Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (MSE Walls), which are also known as segmental block walls or mortar-less walls. ABI has designed MSE walls for use of many types of blocks, including Allan, Anchor, Keystone, Lock N Load, Mega, and Redi-Rock Blocks; and welded wire baskets, gabions and geocells. Design and construction details were provided for walls with heights up to 50 feet for site development, highways, railroads, bridges, school sites, channels, ponds, and landscape applications. ABI's designs have been reviewed and approved by various municipal, state and federal agencies. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Review and recommend MSE wall layouts during design stage
  • Review site geotechnical conditions and recommend soil parameters
  • Recommend Earthquake Design Parameters
  • Perform Structural Wall Calculations
  • Prepare Detailed Construction Plans
  • Plan Check Review and Permit Assistance
  • Construction Observations and Inspections
  • Special Design Considerations